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While we highly recommend that renters have a PCOC of their own, it is not required. A rental boat safety checklist is a ready-to-use safety briefing. Rental agencies use the checklist to review safety information with clients before they head out onto the water. A short training is given on the use of a PWC, Do’s and Don’ts and of course, hazards of the body of water that you will ride on. This comes at a $49.99 daily fee.

21 years of age. Must have a G class drivers license, a Credit Card to secure a $1500 damage deposit.

Aside from the watercraft on a trailer, you will receive a Personal Floatation Device, PFD (must include size in form details) A PWC full of regular gas, Cover to travel on roads. A safety kit which is required by law. Key to operate watercraft which MUST be secured to PFD at all times. One ratchet strap to secure back of PWC while on roads.

If exercising extreme care, damage is not likely. In the unfortunate event that damages occur, please disclose of them upon returning and we will charge accordingly. This will be deducted from your damage deposit. If damages exceed $1500, a quote for repairs will be submitted and renter has agreed in “COMPLETE LIABILITY RELEASE/COSTS AND DAMAGES” waiver signed prior to rental that He/She will pay in full for damages exceeding deposit value.

Any lake that is safe and legal for motorized watercrafts. The body of water should be deep enough to avoid potential PWC damage and free of hazards.

Here are some great areas to check out!

Kamiskotia Lake
Beautiful local lake with public boat launch. Sandy beach. This lake is shallow and has some weeds in certain areas, use caution to avoid shallow areas to avoid jet pump damage. When in doubt, turn off engine and push. (Seadoo’s must be in waist deep water to run).

Kenogamissi Lake
The Cache campground public launch is a great place to launch and spend the day on beautiful Kenogamissi Lake. It includes a large lake with a couple sandbars to stop and swim at. This lake has some hazards like most lakes, care must be taken to avoid shallow areas. Always give fisherman lots of space, and never ride near cottagers docks.

Mattagami River
Mattagami river flows through Timmins. It features almost 40km of river to ride when water is at an acceptable height. (sometimes water levels expose hazards and limit how far you can explore).  Visit some sandy beaches, enjoy nature with an abundance of Bald Eagles. Respect must be given to any fisherman, swimmers, Paddle boarders and of course other watercrafts. Joyriding near docks is strongly discouraged. Respect homeowners property. Hazards include “deadheads” log that are stuck in bottom but protruding on the other end. These are common and must exercise extreme caution by scanning constantly.

Nellie Lake- Iroquois falls

Ice Chest Lake- Connaught

No, in shallow water a Jet-driven watercraft is at higher risk of damaging its drive system. The Wear ring and Impeller can suffer damage, resulting in little to no propulsion, being stranded and a costly repair bill at the end of the day. Don’t risk shallow water operation, simply turn off engine when in doubt, and push to deeper water

You can if you are careful, but must be done with extreme caution. Always approach the shore at a 90 degree angle and VERY SLOWLY, when you are about 15 feet from shore TURN OFF ENGINE. Do not allow watercraft to plow into shore, disembark from watercraft and lift front bumper carefully onto shore. When leaving you must push yourself out to where you are at least WAIST DEEP water. Shake the watercraft side to side carefully to remove any possible debris stuck in drive system before starting engine again. This will ensure you have a great day by not being stranded, and saving you money.”

All renters MUST bring the following; A good attitude, a sober and clear mind. A valid “G” class drivers license, A suitable form to secure Damage Deposit, Boat license (unless we are providing a temp day license) and a suitable tow vehicle. MPR reserves the right to decline anyone if we deem your vehicle in sub-standard condition.

A two inch ball (2”) is required for all our rental fleet

If in doubt, please contact us and we would love to inspect prior to booking. If booking is paid and we show up to an unfit location, you will lose your deposit ($75) and be denied rental


We accept all major Credit Cards, Debit Cards and of course we accept Cash. All of which will be sent a receipt Via provided Email.”

Without a $1500 Damage Deposit secured per unit, the watercraft will unfortunately not leave our property, and you will be refunded your reservation deposit. Please insure you have sufficient available funds on your C.C. We accept Cash deposits for those who do not have a C.C.

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